Cashless payments for fuel that work perfectly, are secure and reliable. They can be employed for private use, cars and vans, trucks and buses or companies. We develop and manufacture products tailored specifically to the needs of the target group for service station operators, oil companies and businesses all around the globe. Pay for petrol, diesel or electricity by credit card and enjoy additional services such as straightforward billing of charges levied for toll roads, tunnels and bridges or breakdown assistance. 

We support all card technologies from magnetic strip cards and smart cards with a dual interface through to contactless payment cards. We can provide cards with or without branding, with a traditional or creative design or a business look. We deliver high-quality mailings directly to your end customers, to you within your company or at the points of sale in the service stations. Intelligent distribution models and roll-out concepts for your specific individual needs. Welcome packages to boost sales or cross-selling promotions: marketing with know-how and state-of-the-art technologies.


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