Travelling by bus and train, hiring bikes and cars, making payment at an electricity charging station or in a shop has never been easier than it is today. Our multifunctional mobility cards are a credit card and access card in one, with added individual benefit.

Whether you are a transport provider, car-sharing operator, debit and credit card issuer, city council or local authority or any issuer of eTickets or mobility cards based on the VDV standard: Expand the possible uses to include attractive offers and functions. Our innovative smart card technology enables you to integrate all of the applications and functions on ONE card. 

This is possible thanks to the world’s most-used contactless smart card technology Mifare and Mifare Desire Emulation for multifunctional applications. This ensures optimum process solutions and individual customisation of the cards to suit your existing systems. We provide you with a full service from the initial application through to delivery to the end customer. Individually configured cards in creative designs, with or without a logo, additional barcodes or a QR code which links to your customers.


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